I wanted to create a certain rustic/homestyle feel and I accomplished this through the use of certain fonts. I think that my page could use some more interactive elements. For example, a couple of links to other recipes or a checklist function perhaps? I think it would be interesting to have the ability to record progress as you go.

Yes, add more interactive elements. The font is fun! Have more space between ingredients list and Steps. Maybe use clearer/standard font for the words. Make title of Brown butter etc not the full width of the page. More margin above ingredients. Semi-transparent background??

all caps is not as legible, combination of fonts i.e. for quantities of ingredients but not the whole list. Color matching to the picture, so cream instead of pure white. not pure black but like chocolate or something. margin on Steps (consistent left edge) Short description. things that go together should be more tightly grouped and things that dont should have more space. play with scale feels small.

color in the text for ingredients, etc and then share button, citation, adding infor about the recipe so time to make, how many servings. end demarcation.